The Conflict Resolution program maintains a myriad of connections with local and international organizations, and encourages students to seek internships that will complement their coursework and prepare them for success in the job market upon graduation. Click for a list of recent student placements. 

Students have full access to the School of Foreign Service Graduate Career Development Center, which offers highly specialized career counseling and resources for Conflict Resolution students. The Center offers individualized career advising, job search workshops, career fairs, and access to Symplicity, a highly valuable job/internship database.

Dr. Craig Zelizer, the program’s Associate Director, founded the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, which is another valuable career planning resource.

Recent placements:

From Meredith Medlin, Class of 2016, in a message to Associate Director, Dr. Craig Zelizer - January 2016

I accepted a position as a Program Assistant at USIP. I have been an RA for the Planning, Learning, and Evaluation Team (under Andy Blum) since August, and I was offered a full time position on the same team. I start next Monday. Though this is a very exciting development for me, I think it might also be of interest to you. That's because your practitioner interview assignment opened the door for me to get the RA position, and therefore the PA position. Last fall, I interviewed a member of the PLE team for that paper, and he recognized my name on the RA application list over the summer. I got an interview just because he had met me before, and I ended up getting the job. 

I have worked very hard at USIP, and I know that my experience, knowledge, and work performance are largely responsible for this exciting new job opportunity. That being said, I might never have gotten the chance to prove myself to this team if it weren't for your paper assignment, so I definitely owe you a huge thank-you. I'm so grateful for everything I've learned and experienced during the CR program, and I can't wait to become an enthusiastic alumna in May!