CR Summer Field Program

For the past four years, the CR Program has offered an intensive international summer internship program for first year students. Selected students have been placed at leading local and international organizations conducting innovative peacebuilding and conflict resolution work. The summer internship program provides students with a meaningful, hands-on practical experience in the field while contributing to capacity building on the ground.

Building on the CR program’s extensive connections with organizations around the world, students have interned at organizations in diverse locations including Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Liberia, and Turkey. The summer field program provides students with a unique opportunity to learn, assist partners on the ground, to engage in reflective practice, and improve their skills in order to be more competitive in the job market upon graduating. 

Summer 2016 Placements:

Click on each student's name to read their field blog:

Selin Aksoy, Danish Refugee Council, Lebanon

Jessica Bissett, Refugee Law Project, Uganda

Chelsea Dunlap, Refugee Law Project, Uganda

Yasmine Fawaz, UNHCR, Switzerland

Fadia Hayee, UNDP, Turkey

Alex Humphrey, The Life and Peace Institute and The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Kenya 

Mark Joy, Northern Ireland

Mirjam Kalle, Mercy Corps, Lebanon

Alissa Lalime, IOM, Egypt

Nick Zaremba, The Kaizen Company, Liberia

Summer 2015 Placements:

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Taylor Colvin, IPIECA, England

Rachel Kuykendall, Mercy Corps, Jordan

Meredith Medlin, Catholic Relief Services, Kenya

Matthew Parkes, Georg Eckert Institute, Germany

Emma Rehard, Mercy Corps, Ethiopia