Alumni Spotlight

A note from Stone Conroy ('15)

The economics of peace studies I did in Nigeria have been getting some good press lately. Some links are below:

Huffington Post: The Other Conflict That Is Costing Nigeria Billions

International Business Times: Nigeria Farmer-Herder Conflict Vs Boko Haram: The $13.7B Problem That's Not Making Headlines

Foreign Affairs: My Land, Not Your Land: Farmer-Herder Wars in the Sahel

It was briefly featured in the World Bank's Development Impact blog in June, and in several Nigerian publications.

The Mercy Corps press release and study briefs are available here, which were very well done by the MC communications team

The actual academic papers backing the Mercy Corps study have been published in the Economics, Peace and Stability Journal are are as follows:

The Effect of Farmer-Pastoralist Violence on State-Level Internal Revenue Generation in Nigeria

Macroeconomic benefits of farmer-pastoralist peace in Nigeria’s Middle Belt: An input-output analysis approach

The Effect of Farmer-Pastoralist Violence on Income: New Survey Evidence from Nigeria’s Middle Belt States

A fourth paper is currently being finished.

Mini CR Reunion! Arshak Hovanesian ('07), JC Finley ('07) and Dr. Craig Zelizer meet up at the InterAction conference last month!

Mayesha Alam's (Class of 2012) book, Women and Transitional Justice: Progress and Persistent Challenges in Retributive and Restorative Processes - which was based on her CR thesis was reviewed by LSE. Great job, Mayesha!

Hilary Johnson (Class of 2013) is a new Presidential Management Fellow. Her title is Congressional Advisor with the Department of State's Bureau of Legislative Affairs. Congratulations, Hilary!