The Georgetown Conflict Resolution Program is pleased to announce that John Marks and Susan Collins Marks will be the CR Practitioners in Residence Fellows for Spring 2016. The CR Fellows program was launched in fall 2015 and invites leading practitioners in the conflict resolution community to spend one month at Georgetown University. During this time the fellows interact with the GU community, offer public lectures and workshops, visit classes, mentor students and share their expertise.

John Marks will be in residence from February 8-19, 2016. Both John and Susan will be in residence from April 25-29, 2016.

During both periods a number of public events will be held. More information will be available on the CR website and listserv. Feel free to contact the CR program with any questions.

Bio: John Marks founded Search for Common Ground (SFCG) at the height of the Cold War to build bridges between East and West. Operating from the basic belief that the world is running out of space, resources, and recuperative capacity to deal with wasteful conflict, he has built SFCG into the largest nonprofit organization in the world working to defuse, prevent and transform conflict. Before joining her husband as Senior Vice President of SFCG, Susan Collin Marks served as a peacemaker during South Africa’s transition from apartheid to democracy, mediating bloody clashes, and helping formulate national policy on community policing. SFCG works across whole societies with conflict resolution techniques such as mediation, facilitation and back-channel dialogue; and through less traditional methods including community organizing, TV and radio soap opera, music-video, and sports. At the time of the Award, SFCG had established multi-pronged conflict resolution programs in Angola, Burundi, Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, and was poised to bring its media program to global scale. In 2014, John and Susan transitioned into new roles in the organization. Shamil Idriss, who formerly served as chief operating officer of SFCG, became its CEO.

Spring 2016:

1/14 Stories from the Field - Conflict Resolution Theory put to Practice - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

1/21 Field Fellows First Meeting - Field Fellows only.

1/25 Lunch & Learn - The Corrymeela Community - GU students, alumni, faculty and staff only. Canceled

1/27 From Resignation to Nonviolent Resistance: Tackling the Corruption-Violence-Marginalization Nexus - Open to the public. Canceled

2/3 USAID Implementation of the U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security - Open to the public, RSVP here

Conflict Resolution Program Practitioner in Residence Events:

2/8 Discussion on Fundraising in Peacebuilding - Open to GU students only, RSVP here.

2/10 Talk on Social Entrepreneurship and Peacebuilding - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

2/11 “Under the Same Sun” Screening - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

2/12 TV Production and Peacebuilding Seminar - GU students, alumni, faculty and staff only, RSVP here. 

2/17 Track II Diplomacy with Iran - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

2/24 Operational Stress and Workforce Resiliency in International Assistance Programs: Exposures and Consequences - Open to the public, RSVP here.

2/25 Breaking the Silence: Reflections of a Former Israeli Soldier on Serving in the Palestinian Occupied Territories - Open to the public, RSVP here.

2/26 Gentrification and Livability in Washington, DC - Open to the public, RSVP here.

3/2 Trust Us: Technical Election Assistance and Post-Election Violence - Open to the public, RSVP here.

3/2 Field Fellows March Meeting - Field Fellows only.

3/22 Town Hall - CR community only.

3/23 From Resignation to Nonviolent Resistance: Tackling the Corruption-Violence-Marginalization Nexus  -  Open to the public, RSVP here.

3/30 Book Launch with Dr. Mohammed Keshavjee - Open to the public, RSVP here.

3/31 - Open House Day One - Admitted students and CR community only.

4/1 - Open House Day Two - Admitted students and CR community only.

4/7 - Chloe Edmond's Thesis Defense - The Crime of All Crimes: Genocide’s Primacy in International Criminal Law - CR community only

4/25 - Track II Diplomacy: An Insider's Look at Sensitive Non-Governmental Diplomacy - Open to the public, RSVP here.

4/28The Wisdom of Peacebuilders - Open to the public, RSVP here.

5/5Through Our Eyes: Insights from Syrian Refugees in the U.S. - Open to the public, RSVP here.

5/19 - End of the Year Celebration - CR community only.

Fall 2015:

9/8 A Western Return to UN Peacekeeping?  - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

9/22 Has post-war Bosnia failed? Limits of the Dayton Peace Agreement - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

9/30 A Conversation About Communications and Peacebuilding - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

10/16 CR Summer Field Fellows Presentations and Information Session - CR students only.

10/19 Thesis Research Information Session -  CR students only.

10/20 Desperate Powers: International Relations in the Era of Citizen-Power - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

10/22 Euro-Atlantic Security and the Ukraine Dilemma - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

11/5 A Career Soldier's Perspectives on Conflict Resolution - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

11/9 Global Security Challenges and the Role of Russia - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

11/19 Workshop about Electoral Justice and Violence in East Africa with - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

12/2 Lunch with Nino Nanitashvili, Head of Communications at the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University and Project Manager at the Elva Community Engagement project - CR students only.

12/3 The United Nations: Last Station Before Hell - Film Screening and Discussion - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

12/9 What Next for Mali? - Panel Discussion - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

Spring 2015:

2/26 Transition Programming in Conflict Environments - Open to the public, RSVP here. 

3/24 Violence in the Name of Islam: Origins, Recent Developments & Promising Transformations - Open to the public, RSVP here.

3/30 Digital Humanitarians - Open to the public, RSVP here.

4/1 Human rights, Rule of Law and Post-conflict Peace Operations - Open to the public. For more information and to RSVP, please click here.

4/8 Human Rights and Post-conflict Justice. Open to the public - For more information and to RSVP, please click here.

4/17 Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security - Open to the public. For more information and to RSVP, please click here.

4/24 Vetting as a Tool of Transitional Justice: Lessons and Challenges from Vetting of Judges and Magistrates in Kenya - Open to the public. For more information and to RSVP, please click here.

Fall 2014:

11/17 Alumni lunch with Amanda Munroe '12 - Open to current students. 

11/19 Book Talk with David Hartsough: "Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist" - Open to the public, RSVP here

11/20 Storytelling as a Force for Social Change with Kiran Singh Sirah, Executive Director of the International Storytelling Center - Open to the public, RSVP here.