Working Projects and Student Reports


The Democracy and Governance Program has established working projects around Washington, D.C. to offer students the opportunity to provide major institutions with valuable and timely research in the fields of democracy promotion and governance reform. Under the guidance of our world-class professional faculty, students collaborate to produce reports on topics of interest to stakeholders and deliver presentations on their findings to key staff at these institutions. Students who participate in these research groups receive invaluable experience in conducting original analysis for policy-oriented audiences, as well as three credits of coursework towards their degree.
We have ongoing relationships with the United States Agency for International Development and the Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (USAID-DRG) and the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO).
More information about these working projects, as well as the reports produced by prior research groups are available below.


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us state department: cso bureau- d&g project

The U.S. "Citizenship, Involvement, Democracy" Survey

A major study of American civic engagement in a comparative perspective, this project was the first major project undertaken by the Center for Democracy and Civil Society.

Democracy, Development, and Conflict Resolution Studies in the New Tunisia

The Democracy and Governance program is assisting a new generation of Tunisian scholars, writers, analysts and political leaders to establish a self-sustaining national Center on Democracy, Development and Conflict Resolution.

East Timor
Archives: The Popular Consultation of East Timor

Preserving the lessons learned from the referendum process in East Timor.


USAID-Democracy and Governance project

The Democracy and Governance program has a working project under the auspices of USAID-DRG that allows students to engage in real-time solicited research projects under faculty guidance.

Iraq: The Center for Kirkuk Referendum Operations

A policy institute and professional network, CKRO seeks to enable a successful vote in Northern Iraq and refine the model for status referenda worldwide.

China: The Chinese Electoral Framework Project

The CEFP focuses on local elections in China.


Syria: The Syrian Transitional Electoral Framework Project

A project by students of CDACS exploring a potential electoral solution for Syria as it transitions to democracy.

North Korea Scenario Paper

A project by students of CDACS exploring a future potential electoral solution for North Korea.


Secession Referendum Framework

A project by students of International Electoral Policy and Practice course creating best practices for secession referenda.

vote machine

A project by students of Electoral Policy Study Group USAID, Report on Elections, Technology and Voter Confidence.