BA/MA Program in American Government

The Department of Government offers an accelerated BA/MA program in American Government. This program allows the best of Georgetown undergraduates to further their intellectual and professional development while working with Georgetown faculty. Those students with a clear commitment to the study of politics and with a potential interest in politics or public service should consider applying to this program.

The MA in American Government is an accelerated, twelve-month program that requires thirty hours of graduate credit and also requires that students serve as apprentice practitioners in a position related to their career interests.

The joint BA/MA program consists of four major elements:

1. The student must complete ALL normal requirements for a major in Government.

2. The student must complete ALL normal requirements for an MA in American Government. This is a 30-credit hour program.

3. A BAMA student would be allowed to double-count two courses (6 credit hours) towards both degrees. These courses would be selected from any courses that fulfill degree requirements in both programs and would be taken in the fourth year of undergraduate work and after being admitted into the program. Once enrolled in the program, the student would formally be both a student in the College and the Graduate School of Arts Sciences.

4. Students would receive their BA after completing all undergraduate degree requirements and would receive their MA after completing all of their MA requirements.

Students interested in this program should apply in their junior year by the Graduate School’s normal deadline for the MA program in American Government.

Students will need to submit the following:

  1. Application and fee
  2. GRE Scores
  3. Undergraduate transcript from Georgetown
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Academic Writing Sample
  6. Three Letters of Recommendation

Students would be advised by the appropriate undergraduate and graduate advisors in the College and Department of Government.  Note about tuition and billing:  Previous tuition and billing information posted on this page was outdated, and current or prospective BA/MA students seeking information should directly refer to the current tuition schedule. We apologize for any previous confusion.  Please visit the tuition schedule page here:

For more information, please contact Professor Jonathan Ladd at, Professor Anne Cammisa at, or the Graduate Program Administrative Officer, Maurice Green, at

Visit the MA in American Government Program’s website.