PhD Students

Kurt Albaugh
PhD Student– American Government
BS United States Naval Academy; MA George Mason University; MA Georgetown University
Naval operations; International law; Technology

Cammie Jo Bolin
PhD Candidate – American Government
BA Centre College; MA Georgetown University
Women and politics; Political representation; Campaigns and elections; Religion and politics.

PhD dissertation
Redesigning Women? Congressional Candidate Advertising Strategy and Women’s Political Engagement
Jamil Scott (Chair), Michele L. Swers, Clyde Wilcox

Benjamin R. Knoll and Cammie Jo Bolin. (2018) “She Preached the Word: Women’s Ordination in Modern America”. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 
Benjamin R. Knoll and Cammie jo Bolin. (2019). “Religious Communication and Persuasion”. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, edited by Paul A. Djupe, Mark Rozell and Ted G. Jelen. New York: Oxford University Press.
Cammie Jo Bolin. Women as Religious Leaders: The Gendered Politics of Shutting Down. (forthcoming).

Chris Bolz
PhD Student – International Relations
BA United States Military Academy; MS Missouri University
Nuclear weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction); Emerging technology and China

Benjamin Burnley
PhD Student – American Government
BA Florida State University; MS Middle Tennessee University
Technology; Political communication; Political knowledge; Tech policy; Public opinion

Justin Casey
PhD Candidate – International Relations
BS Townson University; MA Georgetown University
Subversion; Interloping; Power politics; Transnationalism; Ideology

PhD dissertation
Legitimate Concerns: Repertoires of Interloping and Great Power Subversion
Daniel Nexon (Chair), David Edelstein, Abraham L. Newman

Justin Casey. With Friends Like These: The Disadvantages of Total Ideology. 
Justin Casey and Lucas Dolan. Raymond Aron and the Decline of the Unipolar-Homogeneous Moment.
Justin Casey and Lucas Dolan. Three Waves of Transnationalism in International Relations.

Cynthia Charlton
PhD Student – Political Theory
MA McGill University
Eighteenth-century French and Scottish enlightenment; French liberalism; Liberal and constitutional thought; History of political thought; Political economy.

Joel Chavez
PhD Student – Comparative Government
MA Texas A&M University
Comparative governing structures, public policy processes, and public health outcomes in the domain of natural resources; Field of energy production.

Andrew P. Gibson
PhD Candidate – Political Theory/International Relations
BA Michigan State University; MA The University of Chicago; MA Georgetown University
Republicanism; Florentine political thought; Machiavelli and Machiavellianism; International relations theory.

PhD dissertation
The Malleability of Machiavelli: Readings of Machiavelli in the Early to Mid-Twentieth Century
Shannon Stimson (Chair), Joshua Cherniss, Stefan Eich

Andrew P. Gibson. “James Burnham’s Machiavellians”. 18 September 2020.
Andrew P. Gibson and Charles A. Kupchan. “The Geopolitics of the American Republic: Spatial Expansion, Redemption, and the Unending Quest for Virtuous Security. (Working paper).

Christian Alejandro Gonzales
PhD Student – Political Theory/Comparative Government
BA Columbia University
18th and 19th century political thought (Britain, France, the US); French and American revolutions; Slavery; Abolition; Historiography

Matthew David Hamilton
PhD Student – Political Theory
BA Moody Bible Institute; MA Princeton Theological Seminary
Political theory; International relations; Empire; Hegemony; Coercive force; Black international relations; Religion and politics; Nature of historical development; St Augustine of Hippo.

Tranae Hardy
PhD Candidate – American Government
BS University of Pennsylvania; MA Georgetown University
Political parties; Congress; Scandal
PhD dissertation
Managing the Brand: Party Responses to Scandal
Hans Noel (Chair), Jonathan Ladd, Michelle Swers

Sarah Hayes
PhD Student – American Government
BA California State University; MA University of California
REP, political behavior, and public policy; Mass and elite political behavior impacts on dyadic representation

Jonas Heering
PhD Student – International Relations
BA Texas Christian University; MA Georgetown University
Internet governance and International relations; Regulation of social media, disinformation, and digital authoritarianism

Gabrielle Hesslau
PhD Student – American Government
BA University of Miami; MA University of Miami

Steven Huckleberry
PhD Student – International Relations
BA Columbus State University; MA US Naval War College & Salve Regina University

International Security & Great Power Competition

Ahmed Khattab
PhD Candidate – Comparative Government
BA American University in Cairo; BBA American University in Cairo; MA University of Toronto
Migration; Diaspora politics; Citizenship; Autocracy

PhD dissertation
Crises and Emigrants: The Engineering of Domestic Politics Abroad
How do political crises affect the relationship between home states and their emigrants? When offered political engagement opportunities, why do some emigrants choose to participate, refrain, or shift between these alternatives? What explains these variations? Through the lens of the Arab uprisings and antecedent politics, I examine how developing [sending] states in crisis engage with their extraterritorial citizens. My dissertation strives to account for the contentious politics of activating and deactivating diasporic communities during politically turbulent times. 

Ahmed Khattab. “When Social Mobility is Not an Option: How the Kafala System Encourages Anti-Immigrant Sentiment”. (Under review).
Ahmed Khattab. “A Tale of Two Uprisings: Egyptians and the Military”. (R&R).
Ahmed Khattab. “Political Crises and Diaspora Enfranchisement: Egypt and Tunisia’s Emigrant-Citizens”. (Working paper).

Da Sul Kim
PhD Student – Comparative Government
BA Chung-Ang University (South Korea)
Political economy of poverty; Characteristics of regimes(authoritarianism) and institutions; Foreign investment & redistribution policy

Ji Min Kim
PhD Student – Political Theory
MA New York University
People’s sovereignty in liberal democracies; Constitutional justification of ‘the people’; Political participation through non-institutional means

Theodore Lai
PhD Student – Political Theory
BA Yale-NUS College(Singapore); MA University of Chicago
Ethics within contemporary context of war and national emergencies; Special allowances and exceptions under legal provision

Erin Lemons
PhD Student – International Relations
BA Pennsylvania State University; MA Pennsylvania State University
Security; Diplomacy

Sergio Lozano
PhD Student – International Relations
BS US Air Force Academy; MBA University of Arizona
International Security; Civil wars; Proxy wars; Sovereignty

Andy Marshall
PhD Candidate – Comparative Government

PhD dissertation
Language Policy and the Nation in the East Africa

Kylie McGlothlin
PhD Student – American Government
BA Indiana University
19th and 20th century political thought; History of political though; Literature and political theory

Ankushi Mitra
PhD Student – Comparative Government
BS Georgetown University; MS Trinity College Dublin
Comparative citizenship, meaningful citizenship, and uneven development; Sustainable development

Jessica Norris
PhD Student – Comparative Government
BA University of California, Santa Barbara
Energy and environmental policy design, specifically within the Chinese political context; Focus on origins and viability of China’s burgeoning cap and trade policy

Ikuma Ogura
PhD Candidate – American Government
Public opinion; Political psychology; Quantitative methods

PhD dissertation
Group Traits or Issue Positions? Political Parties in People’s Minds
Michael A. Bailey (Chair), Jonathan Ladd, Hans Noel
Trough original survey experiments and secondary analyses of existing public opinion surveys, my dissertation project empirically analyzes (i) how U.S. voters understand party labels and (ii) its relation to affective polarization.

Anna Paula Pellegrino
PhD Candidate – Comparative Government
Policy process in developing countries; Organized criminal violence; Brazil and Latin America

Benjamin Reese
PhD Student – American Government
BA Hood College
Polarization and social sorting American politics; Relationship between elite and mass polarization

Nayeli L. Riano
PhD Student – Political Theory
BA University of Pennsylvania; MA University of St Andrews
History of political thought; 19th-20th century Latin American political thought; Hispanic and German intellectual influences; Spanish liberal philosophy; Theories of citizenship; Philosophy of history

Nayeli L. Riano. “An Aesthetic Arbiter of Politics: George Santayana’s Concept of the Psyche Revisited” Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society.
Nayeli L. Riano. “Henry Adams’ Philosophy of History: The Study of Force, Motion, and Modernity” Cosmos + Taxis Journal 7 (3-4).

Henry Saroyan
PhD Student – Political Theory
BA The University of Chicago
History of republican thought; English Civil War; Ancient Greek political thought; International relations theory

Tomohiro Shibata
PhD Candidate – International Relations
MA The University of Chicago
International relations theory

Howard Tai
PhD Candidate – Political Theory
BA Georgetown University
American liberalism; Immigration; Citizenship; Transnationalism

Kenton Thibaut
PhD Student – International Relations
MA John Hopkins University SAIS
China domestic politics; Technology governance; Emerging technologies; Chinese foreign policies.

Brian Thorn
PhD Candidate – Political Theory
BA University of New Hampshire; MA The University of Chicago
History of political economic thought.

LeRhonda Washington
PhD Student – International Relations
BA Cornell University; MA Georgetown University
Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear(CBRN) Defense

Henry Watson
PhD Student – Political Theory
BA American University; MA American University
Safety net; Housing; Policy feedbacks; Representation of the poor

Elena C. Wicker
PhD Candidate – International Relations
BA Cornell University; MA Georgetown University
Sociology and linguistics; Military history and strategy; Domains of war; Disruptive technology; Innovation.

PhD dissertation
Andrew Bennett (Chair), Charles Kupchan, William Marcellino
My interdisciplinary and multi-method research looks at how the U.S. military develops and adapts the language and concepts of military strategy to address technological innovations and name new domains of warfare. Using archival sources, interviews, and content analysis, I explore the conceptual history and semiotics of “security” and the “domains of war”, identify the sociological features of the military field that generate the roles and rituals of strategy formulation, trace historical strategic and technological innovations within each domain of warfare, and quantitatively test conceptual and linguistic adaptation across the introduction of the space and cyberspace domains and efforts to create a human domain of war.

Elena C. Wicker. “Napoleon in Cyberspace: How Theories and Concepts from Land Warfare Shape Strategies for Cyberspace”. (Working paper)
Elena C. Wicker. “A History of U.S. Approaches to Jointness and Multi-Domain Warfare from the American Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terrorism”. (Working paper)

Dain Yoo
PhD Student – Comparative Government
BA Binghamton University; MA Seoul National University
Authoritarianism; Repression; Political rethoric; Text-as data; Middle East politics

Qi Zhang
PhD Candidate – International Relations
BS Townson University; MA Georgetown University
Sanctions; Global banking network; Foreign aid