Job Market PhD

Cammie Jo Bolin
PhD Candidate – American Government
BA Centre College; MA Georgetown University
Women and politics; Political representation; Campaigns and elections; Religion and politics.

PhD dissertation
Redesigning Women? Congressional Candidate Advertising Strategy and Women’s Political Engagement
Jamil Scott (Chair), Michele L. Swers, Clyde Wilcox

Benjamin R. Knoll and Cammie Jo Bolin. (2018) “She Preached the Word: Women’s Ordination in Modern America”. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 
Benjamin R. Knoll and Cammie jo Bolin. (2019). “Religious Communication and Persuasion”. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, edited by Paul A. Djupe, Mark Rozell and Ted G. Jelen. New York: Oxford University Press.
Cammie Jo Bolin. Women as Religious Leaders: The Gendered Politics of Shutting Down. (forthcoming).

Ji Min Kim
PhD Student – Political Theory
MA New York University
People’s sovereignty in liberal democracies; Constituional justification of ‘the people’; Political participation through non-institutional means

Ahmed Khattab
PhD Candidate – Comparative Government
BA American University in Cairo; BBA American University in Cairo; MA University of Toronto
Migration; Diaspora politics; Citizenship; Autocracy

PhD dissertation
Crises and Emigrants: The Engineering of Domestic Politics Abroad
How do political crises affect the relationship between home states and their emigrants? When offered political engagement opportunities, why do some emigrants choose to participate, refrain, or shift between these alternatives? What explains these variations? Through the lens of the Arab uprisings and antecedent politics, I examine how developing [sending] states in crisis engage with their extraterritorial citizens. My dissertation strives to account for the contentious politics of activating and deactivating diasporic communities during politically turbulent times. 

Ahmed Khattab. “When Social Mobility is Not an Option: How the Kafala System Encourages Anti-Immigrant Sentiment”. (Under review).
Ahmed Khattab. “A Tale of Two Uprisings: Egyptians and the Military”. (R&R).
Ahmed Khattab. “Political Crises and Diaspora Enfranchisement: Egypt and Tunisia’s Emigrant-Citizens”. (Working paper).

Ikuma Ogura
PhD Candidate – American Government
Public opinion; Political psychology; Quantitative methods

PhD dissertation
Group Traits or Issue Positions? Political Parties in People’s Minds
Michael A. Bailey (Chair), Jonathan Ladd, Hans Noel
Trough original survey experiments and secondary analyses of existing public opinion surveys, my dissertation project empirically analyzes (i) how U.S. voters understand party labels and (ii) its relation to affective polarization.