M.A. in American Government

Tired of political polarization? Join Georgetown University’s Master of Arts in American Government, and be part of the solution!  You will gain the academic background and professional skills to make positive change in Washington. Our practicum gives you hands-on, real-world professional experience. We seek to engage highly motivated students who want to make positive change by pursuing careers in public service and related fields.

Combining theoretical insight with practical application, the Georgetown Master of Arts Program in American Government offers its students a rich, stimulating environment in which to understand the nature of American politics, to see it in action and to participate in the political and/or governmental system. This accelerated, 12-month program draws on its setting in the nation’s capital and the strengths of Georgetown University’s Department of Government.

The program benefits from the strength of the faculty of the American Government subfield. Through courses on institutions of government (Congress, the presidency, the bureaucracy and the judiciary), electoral politics, political behavior, public opinion, media studies, political parties, public policy, psychology and politics and quantitative methods, students gain the substantive knowledge and theoretical frameworks needed to understand and to become involved in the operations of American government and politics.

The program’s required practicum experience provides students with a hands-on, real-world professional experience within the nation’s capital.

An accelerated program, the MA in American Government at Georgetown is designed to engage highly motivated and talented students who wish to move on to careers in the public sector, government consulting, electoral politics, lobbying or further academic study.