The internship or practicum portion of the M.A. in American Government Program offers students the unique opportunity to experience Washington at work. Students are required to work during the spring semester for 20 hours per week, and during the summer (late May through mid-August) for 30 hours per week.

The Practicum Director works with each student individually and provides guidance and assistance in finding and securing a meaningful placement in an organization that is relevant to the study of American Government.

Relevant practicum placement could be within the executive branch, on Capitol Hill, in non-profit organizations or interest groups, in media organizations, in political consulting firms, as well as others. Placement is driven by the student’s interests and the availability of a position in the desired organization. See Past Placements for examples of where our students have worked.

There are limited appointments for students to be paid for their internship, but compensation should not be the driving force behind pursuing a particular placement. The experience and the enrichment offered by most internships, as well as the contacts students make during their work in Washington often provides tangible benefits (e.g., securing permanent employment).

Class of 2024 Practicum Placements

  • Marc Camanag, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Clara Downey, Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, Budget Review Branch
  • Tim Magdziak, Targeted Victory
  • Anoosha Murtaza, The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
  • Katherine Rensel, The Government Affairs Institute
  • Thomas Rollins, American Enterprise Institute
  • Saba Samy, The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
  • Garrett West, Opensecrets

Class of 2023 Practicum Placements

  • Presley Baker, Ronald Reagan Institute
  • Anya Bégué, Office of Management and Budget
  • Drew Behling, Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office, Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs
  • Gaia Jamie Lee Buffone, U.S. Department of Defense, Europe and NATO Policy office under the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
  • Evan McKee, Center for Juvenile Justice
  • Sophie Nachbaur, HarrisX
  • Roman Peregrino, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of the CFO
  • Mallory Shaevsky, ClearPath
  • Jordan Steinberg, Department of Labor, Office of Public Affairs
  • Hailey Womer, Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs

Internship Supervisor Quotes on the Program

Alumni Quotes on the Practicum Experience

“The MA program allowed me to become involved in government immediately, and helped me decide what I really wanted to do with my career.”

“My internship led directly to a full-time job offer, which I never would have gotten without this program.”

“The Georgetown program gave me opportunities to begin working in federal government positions that I couldn’t find elsewhere.”

“Georgetown’s program introduced and integrated me into DC’s political culture, and has opened up a lot of doors for my future job prospects.”

“For students who are interested in transitioning their masters into the professional sphere, the internship component of this program allows them to develop direct insight into a potential career path. The program’s coordinator, who has years of experience in the public sector, works directly with students to explore different internship options. As a whole, this program offers a well-rounded education in American government.”

“The MA in AG program’s emphasis on both the theory and practice of American government provides students with skills that they can easily transfer from the classroom to the workplace. The opportunity to gain real-world experience through the practicum component of the program is particularly valuable. I came into the program knowing that I was interested in legislative affairs, but it was the opportunity to do my practicum with a congressional committee that solidified my interest and framed my job search. It was also an experience that stood out to potential employers. The practicum allowed me to develop firsthand knowledge about the committee process and exposed me to the Capitol Hill culture. This background has served me well as a legislative assistant at a nonprofit advocacy organization, and now as a congressional affairs specialist at the Food and Drug Administration, where I work with congressional staff on a daily basis.”

“The Master of Arts in American Government program was crucial in helping me obtain my current job. I did my practicum placement at the Pew Charitable Trusts, which I secured through the network of the practicum coordinator, Lynn Ross. The placement, where I worked on federal budget issues and the fiscal relationship between the federal and state governments, gave me great experience and was very relevant to what I was studying at Georgetown. It was also a great opportunity to network with some of DC’s top public policy thinkers and learn how to thrive at a large, high-performing organization. At the end of the practicum, my supervisor’s recommendation helped me get hired to a different department within Pew, where I still work today. While the American Government program gave me useful subject matter expertise, the most invaluable aspect of the program has been my enhanced critical thinking, analysis, and research skills.”

Past Placements

The American Government Master’s Program places students in advanced internship assignments in accordance with their preferences. They have served with the following organizations:

  • Alcade-Fay (government relations and public affairs firm)
  • ABC News Digital Media Group
  • Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (Public Policy Advocacy Fellow)
  • American Gas Association
  • American Strategy Group (political consulting firm)
  • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
  • American Target Advertising (Assistant to the Vice President)
  • Army War College, Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute
  • Association of American Educators
  • Berenson Strategy Group (Fellow)
  • Bipartisan Policy Center
  • Bureau of Land Management, Department of Interior
  • Center for Media and Public Affairs
  • Cinereach Films (Personal Assistant to Founder)
  • Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • DCI Group (political consulting firm)
  • Deloitte Consulting (Consultant, Federal Strategy and Operations)
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • U.S. Department of the Interior (Office of the Secretary)
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Embassy of Great Britain (Visits Officer)
  • Executive Office of the President–OMB Task Force
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Federal Highway Administration, Transportation Policy Studies
  • General Electric (Washington Office)
  • Global Strategy Group
  • Harris Interactive (political polling and research firm)
  • Hickman Analytics (Junior Analyst)
  • Hillary for President
  • Hilltop Public Solutions
  • International City/County Management Association
  • International Climate Change Partnership
  • McChrystal Group
  • National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • National Republican Campaign Committee
  • National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • U.S. Office of Management and Budget
  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • OG Systems (Researcher, DIA History Office)
  • OMB Watch (non-profit research and advocacy organization)
  • Penn Quarter Partners
  • Podesta Group
  • Strategic Communications, Government Affairs
  • The American Prospect
  • Thomas Frank (author)
  • U.S. Army Budget Office(Financial Management Analyst, Operating Forces Directorate)
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • Voice of America
  • Zogby International (political polling and research firm)