The program is sequenced over three semesters: fall, spring and summer. 

Students take a total of ten graduate courses in the Government Department. This includes five electives (at least three of which should be in the American Government subfield) and five required classes: Approaches/Topics in American Politics, Analysis of Political Data, M.A. Capstone I and II Seminars on Leadership and Process in American Government and the M.A. Writing Seminar.

In addition, students are required to participate in a 7 month practicum experience, where they are apprentice practitioners in a public or private sector position related to their particular interests and to American Government and Politics more broadly. The practicum is designed to prepare students for future careers in their chosen field.

The program culminates in a field examination in American Government and with the writing of a major applied research paper on a topic related to the practicum experience.

Fall Semester: 12 Credit Hours (4 Courses)

Required (2 courses):

GOVT-501: Analysis of Political Data 

GOVT-520: Approaches/Topics in Am. Politics 

Fall Electives (Choose 2):

May include:

GOVT 623: Congressional Politics 

GOVT 629: Executive Branch Politics and Policy Making 

Spring Semester: 12 Credit Hours (4 Courses) + 20 hours/week Practicum

Required (1 course):

GOVT-521: M.A. Capstone Seminar: Leadership and Process in American Government 

Spring Electives (Choose 3):

May include:

GOVT 523 Values in Political Advocacy 

GOVT 529 American Political Development 

GOVT 612 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations 

*GOVT 731 Political Behavior

*GOVT 770 American Foreign Policy 

*Students also choose a department elective outside of  the American Government field

Summer Term: 6 Credit Hours + 25- 30 Hour per week Practicum

Required (2 courses) in Summer Session 

GOVT 522: Leadership Seminar   

GOVT 524: Practicum Writing Course 

Practicum Paper Due

Practicum Ends

Program Completion Celebratory Dinner