Honors Program

The Government Honors Program is an intensive, three-semester program of closely mentored research and writing that culminates in a Senior Honors Thesis. As part of the program, students take an advanced seminar in Political Theory and GOVT 201 Analysis of Political Data-I (formerly GOVT 229 Scope and Methods of Political Science)  in the spring of the junior year. Students then prepare a thesis proposal in the fall of their senior year (as participants in the Honors Research Seminar) and complete the thesis (in consultation with their mentor) in the spring. Students defend their work in an oral examination at the conclusion of their last semester. Aside from a waiver of the elective in political theory, students are expected to meet all the normal requirements for the major. Prerequisites for the program include a declared government major and a minimum GPA of 3.5 overall and in government courses. A call for applications from interested Juniors is issued in the fall. Contact Eric Langenbacher for more information.