Research Assistantships & On-Campus Jobs

The Conflict Resolution Program sponsors a Research Assistantship (RA) program that provides opportunities for first year CR students to work with faculty who share similar research interests. All first year CR students are eligible to apply for the numerous positions available. International students are also encouraged to apply.

In August, the CR Program Coordinator will email the list of available RA positions to all incoming students. If you are interested, simply forward your resume and a cover letter that outlines your top three choices. The CR Program administration will match students with positions accordingly. RAs are paid hourly, and can expect to work around 10 hours per week, depending on the specific position. In the past, the program has been able to place each interested first year student, but we cannot always guarantee each student a placement. 

Past placements: 

  • GU Office of the President Initative Team
  • GU Office of the Provost
  • GU Institute for Reproductive Health
  • GU Office of Foundation Relations
  • School of Foreign Service Graduate Career and Development Center
  • Berkley Center for Religion and World Affairs
  • Professor Marc Howard, Government Department
  • Professor Ayse Kadayifci, Conflict Resolution Program
  • Dr. Alexis Lyras, Conflict Resolution Program 
  • Professor Susan Martin, GU Institute for International Migration
  • Professor Fathali Moghaddam, Conflict Resolution Program/Psychology Department
  • Ms. Rachel Barclay, Conflict Resolution Program
  • Professor Alan Tidwell, Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies
  • Professor Andria Wisler, Program in Justice and Peace Studies
  • Professor Craig Zelizer, Conflict Resolution Program
  • Professor Molly Inman, Conflict Resolution Program