Call for Papers


The Democracy and Governance Program at Georgetown University is seeking well-written, interesting submissions of 1,500 – 2,000 words for their publication, Democracy & Society. The submissions can be new publications, summaries, excerpts of recently completed research book reviews, and works in progress. Submissions for this issue will be due by January 20, 2017. Please email all submissions along with a brief author’s bio to

This issue will have a special focus on Corruption and Governance Within Democracies, however we will accept articles relating to any of the themes discussed below: 

Corruption and Governance in New Democracies

Are new democracies more susceptible to corruption than established democracies? Do modernization and democratization give people more opportunities to exploit institutions? When are elites likely to leverage their political position to gain financial advantages? Submissions should focus on corruption in new democracies and how institutions are affected.

Democratization, Capacity-building and the Military

Can armed forces complement the capacity building efforts in newly transitioned democracies? Can that have an effect on corruption and transparency in institutions? Submissions that explore these issues and associated questions are welcomed.

Democratic Institutions and Civil Society

How do institutions affect the functioning of a democratic state? Does civil society play a role in complementing the effectiveness of the institutional design? Can citizens play an effective role in anti-corruption reform? We would like submissions that investigate where such institutions originate and examine how they interact with each other while looking at the social and political realities.

Democracy, Rule of Law, and Economic Development

What is the relationship between democracy and economic development? How does it affect state capacity and the rule of law? How is economic development influenced by corruption? We accept articles that explore this complex and contested relationship, while taking into context the political history and institutional legacies of the countries.

Variations on these themes, as well as research that is relevant to these aforementioned themes, will be accepted.

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