Hire a Georgetown Ph.D

Hire a Georgetown Ph.D.

The following advanced Ph.D candidates and recent graduates of our Ph.D program are currently on the academic job market (2020-2021):

Candidate Name Email Address Major Field Dissertation Title Dissertation Advisors
Jack Santucci  jack@voteguy.com  American Government “Three Articles on Proportional Representation in American Cities (with an Introduction)” Hans Noel, Kent Weaver, Dan Hopkins,  and Josep Colomer
Erum Haider eah111@georgetown.edu Comparative Politics “Disempowered: Citizenship and service delivery in a global megacity” Irfan Nooruddin, Marko Klasnja, Mubbashir Rizvi, Rajesh Veeraraghavan
Ariya Hagh ah1161@georgetown.edu  International Relations “Nuclear Proliferation, Regime Durability, and Leader Survival” Andrew Bennett, David Edelstein, Daniel Nexon, Matthew Kroenig
Paula Ganga  pdg23@georgetown.edu  Comparative Government “States within Markets. Elites, Institutions and the Politics of Privatization-Nationalization Cycles” Marc Howard, Harley Balzer, Erik Voeten, and Matthew Carnes
Devin Finn d.finn@uniandes.edu.co  Comparative Government  “Civilian Participation in Violent Politics and Revolution: Ideology, Networks, and Action in Peru and India” Charles King, Daniel Nexon, and Emmanuel Teitelbaum (GWU)
Andrew Szarejko andrewszarejko@gmail.com International Relations “Settlers, Elites, and the Standing Army in America’s Indian Wars, 1783-1890” Andrew Bennett, Daniel Nexon, David Edelstein
Renu Singh rs1619@georgetown.edu  Comparative Politics “The Politics of Obesity: Preventive Health Policy in Comparative Perspective” Hans Noel, Jeffrey Anderson, Kimberly Morgan, Irfan Nooruddin
DongJoon Park   dp687@georgetown.edu  International Relations “To Defend, or not to Defend: Understanding how States View Strong and Weak Reputations” David Edelstein, Andrew Bennett, and Dan Byman
Chrystie Swiney cfs23@georgetown.edu  International Relations, International Law “The Associational Counter- Revolution: The Rise and Spread of Restrictive Civil Society Laws in Strong Democratic States” Anthony Arend, Diana Kapiszewski, David Moore
Shubha Kamala Prasad  skp42@georgetown.edu International Relations, Comparative Politics “State (In)security: The Impact of Insurgencies on Foreign Policy “ Irfan Nooruddin, Erik Voeten, Laia Balcells
Nikhil Kalyanpur nik.kalyanpur@gmail.com International Relations “Liberalism Outsourced: Why Oligarchs and Autocrats Fight in Foreign Courts” Abraham Newman, Kathleen McNamara, Erik Voeten, James Vreeland
Madison Schramm mvs45@georgetown.edu  International Relations “Making Meaning and Making Monsters: Democracies, Personalist Regimes, and International Conflict” Matthew Kroenig, David Edelstein, Kate McNamara
Dani Nedal dkn6@georgetown.edu  International Relations “Cities and Vulnerability: How Urban Geography Shapes International Security” Matthew Kroenig, Daniel Nexon, David Edelstein, and Erik Voeten
Andrew Marshall am3108@georgetown.edu “Language Policy and the Nation in East Africa” Lahra Smith, Charles King, and Scott Taylor
Kristen Collins krc59@georgetown.edu “Toward a Liberal Democratic Theory of Spectatorship” Richard Boyd, Joshua Cherniss, and Bruce Douglass