Stipends, Additional GU Job

What are the stipend types?

There are two types of stipend that PhD students may receive: service-free, and service stipends. The latter are linked to service as a teaching assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) within the Department of Government. All PhD students are guaranteed two years (four semesters) worth of service-free stipends (typically taken during the first and fifth years in the program), and three years (six semesters) of service stipends.

How do I receive my stipend?

The method of fund disbursement is contingent upon the specific type of stipend(service or non-service) you are currently receiving in a semester. Please be sure that your stipend payment method matches to the stipend type. If you are on a non-service stipend for the semester, please request a refund from your MyAccess account. If you are on service stipend, you will receive a bi weekly paycheck processed through payroll services. Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Teaching Associate are all underneath the service category. After determining your payment method and it does not align, please reach out to your Program Officer.

Can I work another position at Georgetown University outside of my service role?

Students may work an additional 5 hours a week at GU (whether in the Government Department or another unit of GU) while on their service stipend. Only students on a service stipend can have an additional position.  If you are on non-service stipend, based upon the university‚Äôs policy then you are not allowed to work an additional GU position.

**Please ensure the program is aware of any additional GU positions before you begin to work.**

For reporting these hours, whether within the Department of Government or any department/office affiliated with Georgetown University, please use the GMS Workday platform and follow up with the corresponding Timekeeper to ensure you receive your payments.