Grad. Year DEVM Alumni Current Occupation Job Title
2002 Mariana Felicio World Bank, Washington DC Staff
2002 Ana Fernández Frank Non Profit and International Development Consultant  
2004 Julián Melo UNSAM Professor/Researcher
2003 Andrea Moragues    
2004 Matías Barroetaveña National Ministry of Labor, Argentina Under Secretary of Employment
2003 Cecilia Ales National Ministry of Defense, Argentina Under Secretary of Crime and Violence Prevention
2003 Pablo Marsal Amnesty International, Buenos Aires, Argentina Staff
2003 Lucas González School of Government-UNSAM Associate Dean
2003 Valeria Pattacini UNSAM General Coordinator of International Relations
2004 Carolina Schillagi IDES/UNGS PHD Candidate/Professor and Researcher
2004 Martín Elissetche University of Maryland PHD Candidate
2004 Esperanza Casullo Universidad del Comahue Coordinator of Graduate Programs
2004 Jessica Koehs Integral Assets, USA Staff
2004 Roberto Montes Environment Protection Project (World Bank-OAS), Montevideo, Uruguay Coordinator
2005 Ariel Krengel KKL – JNF   Executive Director
2004 María Andrea Castagnola FLACSO-Mexico Professor/Researcher
2004 Jana Zindell Ubuntu Education Fund Sivulile Computer Initiative, USA Director
2005 Raúl Tempesta Catholic University of La Plata, Argentina Assistant Professor
2005 Gerardo Serrano Coordinating Ministry, Argentina Staff
2005 María Silvana Gurrera PhD Student, University of Buenos Aires PHD Candidate/UNSAM Researcher
2005 Krista Wujek Catholic Relief Services (CRS), USA Proposal Writer
2005 Luis Fernando Barth Tobar Law Firm in Medellín, Colombia Lawyer
2005 Mariana Caminotti UNSAM Professor/Researcher
2005 Frances Nagashima YAK! (Youth Adult Konnections!), USA Director
2005 Andrea Daverio Universidad Nacional de Lanus Researcher. Public Policy and Gender. Department of Public Policy and Planning
2005 Paola Carco    
2005 Luciana Mermet National Direction of External Trade Policy, Ministry of Production, Argentina Staff
2005 María del Carmen Pasarín Argentina Foreign Service Staff
2005 Ana Mangialavori University of Buenos Aires Assistant Professor
2005 Humberto Guardia National Ministry of Defense, Argentina Director
2005 Karina Cendón Bóveda UNESCO, Spain Consultant
2005 Leticia Casajús National Institute for Public Administration, Argentina Researcher
2005 Victoria Beláustegui Environment Protection Project (World Bank-OAS), Argentina Technical Coordinator
2005 Mariela Caffarena Ministry of Economy, Argentina Staff
2005 Fabre, Paula Industrial Technical and Services Development Institute, Mendoza, Argentina Researcher
2006 Martinez, Natalia Gimena UNSAM Researcher
2005 Mazzolli, Jorge Cristian Wamnet SRL, Argentina CEO
2006 Calandra, Mariana Gabriela UNDP-Human Development Report Consultant
2006 Leibman, Maximo Blackrock Investment Management, London, UK Offshore Dealer
2006 Zapata, Andrea Secretary of Education, Government of the City of Buenos Aires Staff
2006 Rydberg, Nancy Marshall University of Wisconsin-Madison: Development Studies and Educational Policy Studies PHD Candidate
2006 Garzon De La Roza, Gisela International Center for Research on Women, Gender & Development Consultant
2007 Santacruz, Maria Argentina International Organization for Migration (IOM), Ecuador Counter-trafficking Program Coordinator
2007 Gonzalez Stewart, Martha Reuters, Data Division, Latin America Fixed Income Group Market Analyst
2006 Alwine, Patrick Justin US State Department Staff
2007 Catherine Withrow    
2007 Bolden, Meghan Marie Chemonics International Inc., Washington DC Project Manager
2007 Von Mirbach, Constantin German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), Kathmandu, Nepal Staff
2007 Loehr, Kristen Elizabeth US Consulate in Mumbai Staff
2007 Brian Bedsworth Foreign Service Officer US Department of State
2007 Thomas Hare Saint Louis University PHD Candidate
2007 Elizabeth Hare World Initiative for Soy in Human Health, USA Program Manager
2008 Jessica Braver UNDP-Human Development Report Coordinator
2008 Alicia Hogan World Bank Investigative Analyst
2008 Shannette Lawrence Yao Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing Resident Services Coordinator
2008 Lisa Rothstein Children’s HeartLink Development Manager
2008 Allison Lasser Sacred Heart Community Service Policy and Organizing Director
2009 Michael Bagrosky US State Department. International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs INL, Americas Programs Foreign Affairs Officer
2009 Noelia Principi Government Auditing Agency-City of Buenos Aires Chair of the Institutional Transparency Department
2009 Roger McDonough World Land Trust Staff
2009 Alejandro Sehtman y Cavo Roma Tre University, Urban Studies Department Visiting Researcher
2009 Killian Doherty University of Oregon Law School student
2009 Timothy O’Brien Coleman Research Group Account Manager
2010 Amy Molden Education USA Network-US Department of State Advisor
2010 Noelia Martinez Franchi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uruguay Staff
2010 Kelly Reeser Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Existing Business and Workforce Manager
2010 Fernando Velasquez Villalba Independent Consultant  
2010 Dario Monasterio Suárez Main International Trading Co., Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Economist: Development specialist 
2010 Agustina Malivido National Institute for Agricultural Technology-Argentina Socio-Economic Analyst
2010 Katherine Metzroth The Wharton School Program Coordinator for Nonprofit Board Fellows Program and the Lipman Family Prize
2011 Ana María Echeverri Pinilla Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)-OAS. Consultant on Local Territorial Development
2011 James Bret Tate US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Market Specialist
2011 Christa Hall    
2011 Holly Pelas    
2011 María Bernarda Perez Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ecuador Fair Trade Specialist
2011 Melanie Janiszewski Americorps Regional Manager
2012 Lindsay Lehr Americas Market Intelligence Senior Analyst
2012 Gala Diaz Langou CIPPEC Coordinator of Social Protection Program
2012 Veronica Bueno Executive Office of the President of Argentina Political Analyst
2012 Magdalena Acuña City Government of Buenos Aires-Secretary of Citizenship Development Staff Coordinator
2012 Adam Vaught Geographic Expeditions Associate Director
2012 Daniela De Michele National Commission of University Evaluation and Accreditation-Ministry of Education of Argentina Analyst
2012 Fernando Lorenzo Buenos Aires City House of Representatives-Commission of Social Communications Advisor
2012 Dolores Gandulfo Ministry of Interior of Argentina-National Political Training Institute Academic Coordinator
2012 Matias Ninkov Argentina Foreign Service Staff
2013 Christopher Bey    
2013 Juan Carols Holguin Entrepreneur and Founder of Ecuador Futbol Club  
2013 Fernando Lazzaro World Bank  
2013 Anna Porembka Software Consulting Enterprise Analysis
2013 Kyle Younker