Archived Events


Navigating the DG Job Market in the Current Crisis (5.19.2020)


When Neighbors Turn on Neighbors: Lessons for Today from the Play “Our Class” (11.16.2028)
Truth Decay (11.14.2018)
David Kirkpatrick: Egypt and Sisi (11.9.2018)
Dance of Ghosts (11.7.2018)
2018 MA in Democracy and Governance Career Panel (10.25.2018)
2018 MA in Democracy & Governance Open House (3.22.2018)
Leading From Below: Democracy Support in a New Era (1.26.2018)


2017 Democracy and Governance Open House (3.30.2017)
Security and Democratic Consolidation in Tunisia: A Discussion with Farah Hached (3.23.2017)
Event: 2017 MA in Democracy & Governance Career Panel (10.19.2017)


2016 Democracy and Governance Open House (3.31.2016)
The Executive Council of the Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (FLAD): 40 years of the Democratic Constitution (3.21.2016)
Breaking the Silence: Affirming Israeli Democracy (2.25.2016)


International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management Conference (12.10.2015)
Kyrgyzstan’s Democratic Development (11.16.2015)
Transatlantic Youth Summit (w/IRI) (11.10.2015)
Democracy and Governance Career Panel (10.15.2015)
How Global Institutions Rule the World: Book Talk with Prof. Josep Colomer (3.23.2015)
The Role of Democracy in Building a Multi-Ethnic State: The Case of Ethiopia (Dr. Negaso Solan) (2.11.2015)


Democracy and Governance Career Panel- Prof. Donald J. Planty (Planty & Associates) Eric Bjornlund (Democracy International) Andrea Murta (PwC) Eli Lovely (Kroll) (10.20.2014)
Tunisia 2014: Security Obsessions in a Start Up Democracy (9.22.2014)
Panel Discussion: The State of Democracy and Democracy Studies (Daniel Brumberg, Steven Heydemann, Thomas Carothers, Sharon Wolchik, Eusebio Mujal-Léon) (4.24.2014)
Is the New Venezuela all that New? Politics in the Age of Barricades: Dr. Javier Corrales (Amherst College) (4.14.2014)