Departmental Awards, Conference Travel Grant

What sort of awards (beyond the basic stipend, tuition and insurance coverage) are available from the department? What is the process for receiving them?

The department presents an opportunity once a year to receive an award with the purpose of being used in the summer to further individual research or enhance a skill (language or quantitative methods). A call for applications will be sent out by the Admissions and Fellowship Chair to inform all PhD students the application cycle is open and how to submit a completed application. The call will usually go out near the middle of the Fall semester, with the award committee concluding and informing the award recipients near the end of the semester. For the recipients to receive the funding from a departmental award an active GMS supplier account is required. Details on how to create a supplier account or make changes to an active account can be found here. If there are any issues during please contact your Program Officer.

What sort of financial support for conference participation is available?

To assist with conference expenses where a student is presenting in some format, whether it is in person or online, the department has allotted each student $1000 each financial year (which runs from July 1st to June 30th). Please a submit a conference travel request form beforehand to the Graduate Program Officer. After the conference has concluded, submit all related receipts so your final conference travel grant amount can be established. subsequently the reimbursement can be processed. The funds will be sent via the method established during the creation of your supplier invoice.