Development Management and Policy Program


Courses will be taught by full-time faculty from both Universities, and occasionally by one or two adjunct. The language of instruction, to include reading assignments, will be contingent on the faculty teaching the course. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that all students have a reading proficiency of both Spanish and English.

Current Faculty Members

Luciano Andrenacci
PhD Université Paris III (Sorbonne-Nouvelle), France.

Gustavo Badía
MA University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Julián Bertranou
MA Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Mexico.

Marcelo Cavarozzi
PhD University of California (Berkeley), USA.

Matthew Carnes, S.J.
PhD Stanford University (Palo Alto), USA

Ricardo Gutiérrez
PhD Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), USA

Eric Langenbacher
PhD Georgetown University (Washington DC), USA.

Eusebio Mujal-León
PhD Massachussets Institute of Technology (Boston), USA.

Mario Navarro
PhD Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.

George Shambaugh
PhD Columbia University (New York), USA.

Ruth Stanley
PhD Free University of Berlin, Germany

Nerina Visacovsky
PhD Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

James Vreeland
PhD New York University, USA.

Previous Faculty Members
Georgetown University Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM)
  • Marcelo Cavarozzi, Ph.D. (University of California - Berkeley)
  • Horacio Crespo, Ph.D.(Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico)
  • Manuel Antonio Garretón, Ph.D. (Ecole des Hautes Etudes, University of Paris)
  • Patricio Korzeniewicz, Ph.D. (SUNY Binghampton)
  • Oscar Landi, Ph.D. (University of Sao Paulo)
  • Roberto M. Nogueira, Ph.D. (Cornell University)
  • Juan Manuel Palacio, Ph.D. (University of California - Berkeley)
  • Gerardo Aboy, Ph.D. (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  • Guillermo Alonso, Ph.D. (FLACSO, Mexico)
  • Fabio Bertranou, Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Gabriela Delamata, Ph.D. (Complutense University of Madrid)
  • Gerry McDermott, Ph.D. (Massachussets Institute of Technology)
  • Mario Francisco Navarro, M.D. (Social Science) (FLASO, Mexico)
  • Ricardo Gutierrez, Ph.D. Candidate (A BD) (The Johns Hopkins University )
  • Claudio Iglesias, M.A. in Economics (Instituto Torcuato Di Tella) Gabriela Merlinsky, Ph.D. (c) (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Guillermo Rozenwurcel, M.A. in Economics (Pontificia Universidade Católica, Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Ximena Simpson, M.A. ( IUPERJ, Brazil)