Language and Methods Requirements

What are the requirements for study of foreign languages and political science methods?

Requirements vary be field; please consult the PhD Program Handbook for full details.

Students majoring in American Government, Comparative Government, or International Relations must take Govt 8001, or an equivalent course in quantitative methods, as well as at least one other methods course. Students in Political Theory must take Govt 8801, “Methods of Political Theory.”

Students majoring in Comparative Government, International Relations, and Political Theory will typically need to demonstrate reading fluency in at least one language other than English. This may be done through providing evidence of having taken two semesters of advanced-level study of a foreign language, for which you have received a grade of “B” or better, as an undergraduate; enrolling in a recognized language-training program or taking advanced-level language courses at Georgetown; or completing a foreign language reading exam administered by the department. Native speakers of a language other than English may have the requirement waived by demonstrating citizenship in a country where that foreign language is an official language, and providing evidence of having completed high school or college at an institution where the language of instruction is not English.