Hire a Georgetown Ph.D

Hire a Georgetown Ph.D.

The following advanced Ph.D candidates and recent graduates of our Ph.D program are currently on the academic job market (2017-2018):

Candidate Name Email Address Major Field Dissertation Title Dissertation Advisors

Jack Santucci 


American Government 

"Three Articles on Proportional Representation in American Cities (with an Introduction)" 

Hans Noel, Kent Weaver, Dan Hopkins,  and Josep Colomer 

Jacob Lupfer 


American Government

"Three Articles on Religion in American Politics" 

Clyde Wilcox, E.J. Dionne, and Michele Swers 

Christine Kim 


American Government 


"Three Papers on the Political Attitudes of Evangelical Protestants at the Beginning of the New Millennium"

Clyde Wilcox, Jonathan Ladd, and Laura Olson (Clemson)

Paula Ganga 


Comparative Government 

"States within Markets. Elites, Institutions and the Politics of Privatization-Nationalization Cycles" 

Marc Howard, Harley Balzer, Erik Voeten, and Matthew Carnes 

Devin Finn 


Comparative Government

 "Civilian Participation in Violent Politics and Revolution: Ideology, Networks, and Action in Peru and India" 

Charles King, Daniel Nexon, and Emmanuel Teitelbaum (GWU)

Binio S. Binev 


Comparative Government 

"Political Institutions and the Populist Syndrome: Latin America and Post-communist Europe in Comparative Perspective"

Marc Howard, Diana Kapiszewski, Jeff Anderson, and Charles King

Ahmad Farid Tookhy 


Comparative Government 

"Modern State, Secularism, and Political Contestation: A Study of Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan in Early Twentieth Century"

Prof. Charles King, Robert Douglass, Marc Howard, and Anatol Lieven

Wilmot Allen 


Comparative Government 

"Norms and Institutional Design of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East"

Scott Taylor, Andrew Bennett, and Raj Desai 

Jennifer Raymond Dresden 


Comparative Government 

"By Other Means: Combatant Capabilities, Institutional Choice, & Electoral Competition after Civil Wars" 

Marc Morjé Howard, Charles King, Lise Howard, and Desha Girod

Rebecca Davis Gibbons 


International Relations 

"American Hegemony and the Politics of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime"

Dr. Keir Lieber, Dr. Matthew Kroenig, Dr. Elizabeth Stanley, and Dr. Dan Nexon.

Sungmin Cho 


International Relations 

"Authoritarian Counterstrategy against Western Democracy Promotion: The China Model"

Victor Cha, Marc Howard, and Kristen Looney

Rebecca Lissner 


International Relations 

"Grand Strategic Crucibles: The Lasting Effects of Military Intervention on State Strategy"

David Edelstein, Daniel Byman, and Daniel Nexon

Dani Nedal 


International Relations 

"Cities and Vulnerability: How Urban Geography Shapes International Security" 

Matthew Kroenig, Daniel Nexon, David Edelstein, and Erik Voeten 

Haillie Na-Kyung Lee 


International Relations 

"Three Essays on MNC and Investment Treaties "

Erik Voeten, Dennis Quinn, Christina Davis (Princeton), and Jennifer Tobin 

Alexandra Stark 


International Relations 

"Gun at a Knife Fight: Regional Power Intervention in Civil Wars in the Middle East and North Africa, 1957-2015"

Dr. Lise M. Howard, Dr. Andrew Bennett, and Dr. Daniel Byman

Gloria Jin Kim 


International Relations 

"Childhood in Arms: Terminating the Participation of Children in War"

Andrew Bennett, Lise Howard,  and Joshua Cherniss

Yu-Ming Liou 


International Relations 

"How Globalization Becomes Politicized: Three Essays on Micro-Preferences on International Trade and Investment" 

Marc Busch, Erik Voeten, and Michael Bailey

Gianna Englert 


Political Theory 

"Industry and Inclusion: Economic and Political Membership in French Liberal Thought" 


Richard Boyd, Dr. Bruce Douglass, Dr. Shannon Stimson, and Dr. Cheryl Welch (Harvard)

Joseph E. Hartman 


Political Theory 

"In His Image: God and Man in the Political Philosophy of Reinhold Niebuhr"

Joshua Mitchell, Patrick Deneen, E.J. Dionne, Jr., and David Walsh

Justin Pinkerman 


Political Theory 

"The Abolition of Emerson: The Secularization of America's Poet-Priest and the New Social Tyranny It Signals"

Dr. Richard Boyd, Dr. Bruce Douglass, and Dr. Joshua Cherniss