Course Offerings

Introductory Courses

Government majors are required to take four introductory courses in each of the four subfields: American Government (AG), Comparative Government (CG), International Relations (IR), and Political Theory  (PT).

The following introductory courses will be offered in Fall 2016:

 Field  Course No.  Course Title  Faculty
 AG  GOVT-020  U.S. Political Systems  Mark Rom and Michael Bailey
 CG  GOVT-040  Comparative Political Systems  Matthew Carnes and Eric Langenbacher
 IR  GOVT-060  International Relations  Matthew Kroenig and Andrew Bennett
 PT  GOVT-080  Elements of Political Theory  Richard Boyd

The electives are also organized into the four aforementioned subfields. Political Economy (PECO) courses may exist in each of the four subfields. Students may take no more than four of the six electives in any one subfield and must include at least on in political theory.

The following is a sample of electives offered in Fall 2016, by subfield:

American Government
 Course No.  Course Title  Faculty

 Prisons and Punishment

Marc Howard

 Presidential Electoral Politics

Stephen Wayne
 GOVT-225  Race and Ethnicity in the US Ernest McGowen
 GOVT-231  Constitutional Law I Joseph Hartman
 GOVT-235  Congressional Politics Michelle Swers

 Education, Politics, and Policy Making

Douglas Reed
 GOVT-321  Public Affairs Internship & Seminar Jeffry Burnam
 GOVT-322  Dept Sem: The Obama Administration Stephen Wayne
 GOVT-325  Dept Sem: Children, Politics, and Public Policy William Gormley

 Dept Sem: Constitutional Reform

James Lengle

 Campaigns and Elections

Ernest McGowen


 Dept Sem: Ideology in America

Hans Noel


 Comparative Government
 Course No.  Course Title  Faculty
 GOVT-243  State and Politics of the Former Soviet Union Thane Gustafson

 Ethnicity, Race and Nation

Charles King
 GOVT-249  Territories and Borders in Global Affairs Yossi Shain

 Dept Sem: Cuba: Regime Change in Comparative Perspective

Marguerite Jimenez


 Dept Sem: Constitutions, Courts, and Rights in New Democracies

Diana Kapiszewski
 GOVT-442  Civil War in Developing Countries Desha Girod

 Russian Foreign Policy

Angela Stent

 GOVT-445  Dept Sem: Diasporas and Politics Yossi Shai
 GOVT-448  Dept Sem: Politics of Energy in Europe and Russia Thane Gustafson


International Relations
 Course No.  Course Title  Faculty


 International Security  

Lise Howard

 GOVT-261  International Political Economy George Shambaugh


 International Law  

Catherine Lotrionte

 Contemporary US Foreign Policy  

Robert Lieber

 GOVT-270  Nuclear Weapons in World Politics Matthew Kroenig

 International Energy Policy

Manuel Pinho
 GOVT-368  Dept Sem: The Environment and International Politics George Shambaugh

 Dept Sem: Senior Research Seminar on Asia

Christine J. Kim
 GOVT-376  Dept Sem: Globalization and Redistribution in Developing Countries Nita Rudra
 GOVT-377  Dept Sem: War & Peace: The Arabs-Israel, 1948 Benny Morris
 GOVT-460  Ethical Issues in International Relations Marilyn McMorrow


Political Theory
 Course No.  Course Title Faculty

 Dept Sem: Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs

Timothy Shah

 Ethics & Public Policy

Nolan Bennett

 GOVT-481  Democracy, Diplomacy, and Rule of Law

Richard Boyd


 American Political Thought

Nolan Bennett
 GOVT-488  Political Theory of Making and Creating Michael Kessler

 Roman Political Thought 

Thomas Kerch

 Dept Sem: Concepts of Constitution

Shannon Stimson