PECO Economy Elective Courses

All students must take two (2) electives in Political Economy (PECO).  All students must also take the Senior Capstone in Political Economy (PECO-401) or one (1) additional PECO 300 or 400-level elective that includes a research paper.  Examples of approved PECO electives are listed below.  Some may have pre-requisites or other restrictions.   Some contain a thesis writing component, others do not.  Those known to include a research paper are marked with a *.

Requests to consider other courses as electives should be directed to the Field Chair for Political Economy in the Government Department, the Field Chair for Political Economy in the Economics Department, or the College Dean for the Political Economy Major.

 Examples of Political Economy Electives

ECON 156: Poverty & Inequality

ECON 211: Economic Development

ECON 256:  Poverty, Growth and Inequality

ECON 416:  Market Design

ECON 452:  Behavioral Economics

ECON 459: Game Theory

ECON 461: Industrial Organization

ECON 475: Environmental Economics

ECON 483:  Development Economics:  Micro/Policy Issues

ECON 484:  Political Economy of Trade Policy

ECON 491: Development Impact Evaluation

ECON 493:  Insurance Markets and Government Intervention

GBUS 405:  Introduction to International Business

GBUS 407:  International Political Risk Assessment and Management

GBUS 463: WTO Dispute Settlement

GOVT 261:  International Political Economy

GOVT 267:  International Trade Law

GOVT 268:  Political Economy of Development

GOVT 344:  Dep. Sem. : Energy and Geo-Politics*

GOVT 355:  Dep. Sem. : Liberalism*

GOVT 362:  Poverty and World Economy

GOVT-367: Dep Sem: Economic Transparency/Political Stability*

GOVT 376:  Dep Sem: Globalization and Redistribution:  Developing Countries*

GOVT 491:  Dep Sem: Morals and Markets*

IECO 220: Economics and the Public Sector

IECO 221:  Law, Economics and International Policy

INAF 252:  Introduction to Economic and Political Development

INAF 311: Centennial Lab:  Indian Innovation Studio 1

INAF 316:  Topics:  Comparative Political Economy

INAF 332:  Political Economy of Asia

INAF 367:  Trade in Asia Pacific

INAF 373:  Security/Economics/Cooperation: Africa

INAF 383:  Applied Econometrics for Development and International Affairs*

INAF 395:  Political Economy of Development in Africa

INAF 449:  China’s Evolving Role in Africa

INAF 493:  Ethics/Development:  Gender

IPEC 314:  Intl Dev Organizations*

IPEC 326:  Corruption, Patronage, and Clientelism*

IPEC 328:  Political Economy, Inequality and Redistribution

STIA 382:  Energy Finance, Policy and Markets

STIA 475:  Financial Markets and International Security