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Publications and media produced by the faculty, students, and alumni of the Center for Democracy and Civil Society (CDACS) at Georgetown University.

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From Combatants to Candidates: Electoral Competition and the Legacy of Armed Conflict. Jennifer Raymond Dresden. Conflict Management and Peace Science. August 2015.

 Authoritarian Backsliding and the Concentration of Political Power. Jennifer Raymond Dresden and Marc Morjé Howard. Democratization. July 2015.

From Single Party to Electoral Authoritarian Regime. Yonatan Morse. Comaprative Politics. October 2015

Syria and the Future of Authoritarianism. Steve Heydemann. Journal of Democracy. October 2013

Transforming the Arab World’s Protection-Racket Politics. Daniel Brumberg, Journal of Democracy. July 2013

Global Authoritarians and the Arab Spring: New Challenges for U.S. Diplomacy. Daniel Brumberg and Steve Heydemann. The Wilson Center Monograph. 2013.

Party Matters: The Institutional Origins of Competitive Hegemony in Tanzania. Yonatan Morse. Democratization. March 2013

The Era of Electoral Authoritarianism. Yonatan Morse. World Politics. January 2012

Tanzania’s Missing Opposition. Barak D. Hoffman and Lindsay Robinson. Journal of Democracy. 2009


The Party Rules and the 2015 Mainland Election in Tanzania. Yonatan Morse. Democracy in Africa. November 2015

Could Tunisia’s National Dialogue model ever be replicated? Daniel Brumberg. The Washington Post. October 2015

The Iran Nuclear Talks: Faiulre was not an Option. Daniel Brumberg. Washington Examiner. July 2015

U.S. Hard-Liners Missing Point on Iran. Daniel Brumberg. CNN. October 2014

From Détente to Meltdown. Daniel Brumberg. Foreign Policy. March 2014

A Moderate Proposal. Daniel Brumberg. Foreign Policy. January 2014

Ukraine Roars Back to Life. Melinda Haring and Laura Linderman. Atlantic Council. December 2013

So What About the Other 364 Days a Year? Melinda Haring and Arzu Geybullayeva. Foreign Policy. October 2013

Reforming the Democracy Bureaucracy. Melinda Haring. Foreign Policy. June 2013

Why the Color Revolutions Failed. Melinda Haring. Foreign Policy. March 2013


Daniel Brumberg. The Iran-Syria Nexus and Its Implications for the Region. Testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Middle East and North Africa. July 31, 2013


Political Economy Analysis of Tanzania. Barak D. Hoffman, March 2013

The Politics of Transparency in Kenya and Tanzania. Barak D. Hoffman. Prepared for the World Bank. September 2011

Democracy and Governance Assessment of Ghana. Leslie Fox, Barak D. Hoffman, and Amos Anyimadu. Prepared for the United States Agency for International Development. August 2011

Preventing Postelection Violence in Africa. Barak D. Hoffman. Prepared for the United States Agency for International Development. September 2010

The Political Economy of Decentralization in Ghana (168KB).  Barak D. Hoffman and Katherine M. Metzroth.  Prepared for the World Bank.  June 2010

After Cairo: From the Vision of the Cairo Speech to Active Support for Human Dignity (1.1MB).  Jointly published with the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) in January, 2010

The Ghanian Voter: Challenging Ethnic Bloc Voting in the 2008 Elections (116KB).  Barak D. Hoffman.  Prepared for the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  November 2009

Evaluation of the Annual Grant Competition Program (1.3MB).  Andrew T. Green and Barak D. Hoffman.  Presented to the US Institute for Peace.  12 February 2009