Caroline Brazill (G ’20) and Imrul Islam (G ’20) for Inkstick Media:

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After repeated calls for unity, it’s time to seriously prioritize conflict resolution.

Brazill and Islam, reflecting on the January 6, 2020 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, define conflict resolution and advocate for it as an approach to the pressing problems facing the United States.

They write: “the United States must fully recognize and recommit to the purpose and promise of conflict resolution as a full, nuanced, and deeply relevant community of practice. With roots in the civil rights era, conflict resolution has come to encompass a wide range of efforts focused on enabling constructive dialogue, building consensus, conducting meaningful context analysis, and preventing and responding to violence around the world. Today, entire ecosystems of governmental and nongovernmental actors work to realize these goals — yet they remain under-supported and fundamentally under-utilized.”