M.A. Program in Conflict Resolution

  • Our beautiful and historic campus

    Our beautiful and historic campus

    The M.A. in Conflict Resolution Program is located on the beautiful and historic Georgetown University campus.

  • A global vision

    A global vision

    Our curriculum focuses on the areas of conflict within organizations, domestically and from around the world.

  • Summer Field Internships

    Summer Field Internships

    The CR Program sponsors a number of competitive, fully funded internship opportunities for students each summer from Kenya to Jordan and beyond.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development

    CR students have the opportunity to attend several conferences, seminars and workshops during their time in the program.

  • A lifelong connection

    A lifelong connection

    The CR Program maintains a close connection with our alumni.

Housed in the Department of Government, the two-year multidisciplinary Master of Arts program in Conflict Resolution accepted its first cohort of students in the 2005-2006 academic year. The program has established itself as a world-class conflict resolution program. The Conflict Resolution Program addresses interpersonal, intergroup, and interstate conflict, using methods, practices, and processes to transform the way conflict is approached and resolved.

The program's strength resides in its multidisciplinary core courses, housed in different departments across the university, as well as multidisciplinary elective courses that equip students with both a theoretical lense and practical skills. The program places a strong emphasis on conflict mainstreaming, which trains students to apply conflict resolution skills and analysis across diverse sectors in both domestic and international settings ranging from humanitarian relief, development, and corporate social responsibility to youth development, gender, race, and the health sector.  

Since its inception, the Conflict Resolution Program has rapidly developed an impressive national and international reputation. Students graduating from the program have established successful careers in government and non-governmental organizations, the non-profit sector, and private sector businesses.


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