Democracy Minute

Welcome to Democracy Minute, a series of videos which explores the research and opinion of our faculty and students on a variety of issues related to elections, human rights, and governance in countries and regions across the world. In these short videos which we will be releasing over the next few years, we question the in-house experts of the Democracy and Governance Program on recent geopolitical events, and they provide us with the background of the phenomenon, its implications, and potential future developments. Democracy Minute is a perfect way to stay up to date with the pulse of international politics and democratization, as well as the cutting edge work of our MA program.

Special Episode- January 6th Capitol Riots

Just over one week after the January 6th Capitol Riots, we sit down with Professor Ladd to discuss the broader implications this event has had on democracy within the US, and how relations will change between the media, the executive and the people.

Election Observation

Our second Democracy Minute Video with guest Professor Katherine Collin explains and discusses the issues and complications with Election Observation. Another fun bite-sized informative video to help outline this incredibly relevant issue within current political times.

Authoritarian Interference

We interview our Director Professor Brumberg on the complicated issue of Authoritarian Interference within Elections- an issue that in a time of increasing globalisation couldn’t be more important for the survival of democracy.