Accelerated BA/MA Program

Beginning in the fall 2020, Conflict Resolution offers an accelerated BA/MA program. This allows Georgetown University undergraduate students from any major within the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences to apply to earn their BA from Georgetown and their MA in Conflict Resolution in as little as five years.

Students interested in the program apply through the general application process during their junior year at Georgetown, be accepted in that spring, take two double-counted courses during their senior year, and begin the MA program in the fall of their 5th year.

Course progression for BA/MA students

The accelerated BA/MA program elements include:

  1. BA/MA students complete all requirements for their undergraduate major in the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences and receive a BA, in general, after four years of study.
  2. Students complete all requirements for the MA in Conflict Resolution, and receive their MA after the completion of their fifth year of study at Georgetown.
  3. Students double-count two 3-credit College courses at the upper-division/graduate level toward both degrees.
    • These courses are taken during the 4th/senior year of undergraduate study, following admission to the accelerated BA/MA degree program. 
    • Students consult with undergraduate and graduate advisors on the suitability of courses selected. These courses must be:
      1. Upper division/graduate courses (numbered 350 or above).
      2. Topically relevant to both degrees
      3. Have advance programmatic approval
    • These courses are considered elective credits for the MA program in Conflict Resolution. A student interested in pursuing a graduate certificate would likely need to include these double-counted electives toward that goal.