Conflict Resolution Skills

Georgetown’s M.A. in Conflict Resolution features skills-based training. Students graduate from the program with an education in the core skills of the field: mediation, negotiation, and facilitation.

You can find descriptions of our spring 2020 offerings in mediation, facilitation, applied negotiation, and other conflict resolution skills courses here.

The degree includes a core-course sequence of mediation, applied negotiations, and facilitation, each of which offers skills-based training in addition to grounding in theory. These courses feature simulation and practice.

In addition, students may opt to earn certification in mediation through a partnership with San Francisco’s Community Boards.

Georgetown Conflict Resolution students also have opportunities to learn relevant skills to practice through one-credit skills courses. Skills courses are generally weekend intensives that focus on a particular set of skills or provide a deep dive into a particular subject. These courses are taught by top practitioners in their fields.

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