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03.06.2024 Post war governance dilemmas and democracy tradeoffs: Lessons from the Western Balkans Join D&G Director Dr. Elton Skendaj as he examines the role of international actors in constructing efficient state bureaucracies.

This talk will focus on governance dilemmas and stability-democracy trade offs in post war contexts, by looking at processes of transformation in the Western Balkan countries. Using evidence from Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia, Elton Skendaj looks at the role of international actors in building effective state bureaucracies, dilemmas in governing minority-majority relations, and the impact of group security and group status concerns on post war protests in Kosovo.

Past Events

10.24.2023 A Rundown of the Polish Parliamentary Elections

Join us for an analysis of the competing forces from the populist right, liberal center, and the left and their electoral outcomes by Dr. Bartosz M. Rydlinski. The talk, moderated by CERES Associate Director and Professor Kathleen Smith, will focus on the main cleavages in Poland and the decisive moments in the campaign by the illiberal Law and Justice (PiS) Party against a variety of rivals.

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10.17.2023 Trending… In Elections Webinar Series: The Impact of AI on Elections

Next up in the Trending in Elections Webinar Series is The Impact of AI on Elections- Platforms, Political Consultants, Election Administrators, and Regulators.

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10.12.2023 Democracy & Governance Alumni Panel

Join us as we welcome current students and alumni for an hour of networking followed by a chance to hear from a panel of professionals within the field. These panelists include Shari Bryan- Managing Partner at Aegean Strategies and Alumni Kion Bordbar- Program Associate at NDI and Danielle Pearl- Evidence & Learned Lead at USAID.

Elections and the Future of Nigerian Democracy

Democracy & Governance along with the Africa Forum and AfrikaGU hosted a robust panel discussion on the 2023 election in Nigeria, the experience of election observers and civil society, and what the election means for the future of democracy and Nigeria and its neighbors. The Panel was moderated by Democracy & Governance student Leesa Danzek and featured: Amaka Anku- Eurasia Group Practice Head and SFS Adjunct Professor, Julia Brothers- National Democratic Institute Senior Advisor for Elections Programs, and Ferdinand Duru- Georgetown PhD student in the Dept. of Linguistics.

Democracy & Governance Student Research Symposium

This year we launched the Democracy and Governance Student Research Symposium, which was hoisted by our Center for Democracy and Civil Society (CDACS). The event was an opportunity for MA students from the DMV area universities who are focused on democracy and governance to present their independent research/projects, gain practical experience, connect with other young people in the field, and make career connections with established professionals looking for exciting new ideas and innovations.

The Next Generation of Democracy Practitioners and Academics: Perspectives from Young Leaders and Up-and-Comers in the Field

Democracy and Governance along with Democracy and Society for the first time ever participated in the Global Democracy Coalition Partners for Democracy Day. In this virtual panel, DG students Opal Malai, Kion Bordbar, Yusuf Can, Adnan Basheer, and moderator Leesa Danzek, discuss student perspectives on the future of democracy assistance, coming into the profession under populist threats to democracy, and the constantly developing intersection between democracy and digital evolution.

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Disinformation & Election Technology Webinar (3.16.2023)
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Electoral Violence in the US Mid-Term Elections Webinar (12.12.2022)
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100% Democracy: The Case for Universal Voting (11.29.2022)
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